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The price of refrigerants, especially R22, continues to rise. We offer an alternative to buying new refrigerants - reclaim services. As an EPA-certified refrigerant reclaimer, we can clean your recovered (used) refrigerant to ARI-700 standards - that of virgin refrigerant. After cleaning, we certify your refrigerants with an independent laboratory and return them to you, packaged either in single-use cylinders or in larger bulk cylinders. You can use this refrigerant in the same ways you would use brand new refrigerant, or sell it as new product.

We have simplified the entire process to make it easy for you.

The following steps show the ease and convenience of our Clean & Return Program.

  1. Send  us your recovered R22, R123, R11, R134a or R400-series refrigerant.

  2. We clean it to AHRI 700 Purity Standard.

  3. A sample is certified by an independent testing laboratory.

  4. We package into industry-standard cylinders or drums in the sizes you require.

  5. Your pure, certified refrigerant is returned to you.

Green reclaim cycle.PNG
Mult cyl sizes.PNG

Your Complete Satisfaction is our Goal


When you work with American Refrigerants, we will exceed your expectations each and every time. You can expect a professional team dedicated to superior customer service.


Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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